Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finds From Fred Flare

Poketo wallets $22

Holly Golightly sleep mask $14

School Girl Tunic $58

Magic Staplers $6

Snail tape $20

Smencials (these were super popular at the schools in my town)
They were banned from my little cousins class because they were sniffing them instead
of doing work. $14

Piggy mini Vacuum $18

Notebooks $14

Jacket $65

Griffyndor Hat $12

French Flash Cards $14

Office Fish Tank $25

Egg Rug $24

Egg Calculator $20

Erasers(no I'm not kidding) $14

Dress on sale for $24.99(reg. $66)

Kate Spade Desk Calender $20

Japanese Camera $28

Calculator case $9 (I wish my calculator could fit in it)

Book of photos( Audrey Hepburn's early years)

Bags for grocery shopping bags
( for the eco-activist in me)

Midnight Dress

Whoosh say that title ten times fast. Well there you go my finds from Flare.Finding and pricing and posting these picture has taken all the energy out of me so enjoy the pictures and visit

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Anonymous said...

why is fred flare so awesome? loved just about everything. could do w/o the egg rug :)