Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Impact, Character Traits And The Whole Crazy Thing

Well today we had Impact which is a class (I think) at my school. Well since I came late and we only have this "class" on wensdays today was my first day> Here's a Short overview We sit in the computer room with people born in our birthday month and talk (real educational). Today we were decorating "Character Trait Folders" with how we describe ourselves and how people describe us (which we did the whole class). Well I found out I have Ms. "Sprain"-her-Ankle 3 times a year (at least) and get all the guys to "help her with her books" in my class. She is awful she can take one look at you and kick you off your social ladder, just in case you've gone brain dead I hate her and that is a Strong word. Well anyway her character folder included sweet, smart,caring,friendly and shy yeah rite try selfish and two-faced(which incidentally was on the list of traits). O.k I've vented now I need to go eat dinner but I'll leave you with.


Thinking: Impact is a waste of time
Wanting: A Dior purse(random thought that goes in and out my head)
Celeb crush: Daniel Radcliffe(this will probably not change)
Hating: certain two faced people (hem, hem)
Loving: My aunt who will hopefully take me to the Fall Out Boy Concert
(yeah peach!!!!!!)

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