Friday, September 14, 2007

I Think I Should Stick To Expect More Pay Less

I'm not ecstatic about this new Simply Vera line at Kohl's. Well today on Oprah it was o.k I liked the outfits but to go online and see the pieces separated and not the total collection featured in magazines and on the show. I thought it was ridiculous most of the looks I saw today can't be competed because simply the clothing isn't available and well $129 for a coat yes while still being Vera Wang isn't exactly right up in my price range. I am sorely disappointed. While some may like this collection I do not but hey were all in titled to an opinion.


Anonymous said...

I really like it but I don't have a kohls by me to see the quality.

the assistant said...

yeah i went to the store to just take a peak it was better in real life but still on the expensive side